It’s a fact that we are most afraid at night-time. Children are often afraid of the dark and need a bit of light in their bedrooms.
One boy we know, who lives in Africa, woke up suddenly one night feeling very scared because he heard a bumping noise on the floor. The thumping came from a herd of elephants running close to the village. The boy thought his house would be destroyed and that he would be trampled to death. But neither of these things actually happened.
A lot of children are scared at night when they hear a thunderstorm and see the lighting through their bedroom window. Others are afraid because they think there is another person or some kind of monster in the room that wants to hurt them.
In Egypt, when God wanted to rescue his people (the Israelites), there was darkness for three days: no sun, no moon, no stars. Imagine just how terrified the people were! No light, no heat. Just a thick darkness which meant they could see nothing.
God was showing them that He is the light which makes life possible.
At night-time, we can’t see very well with our eyes, so we imagine all sorts of dangers.
Some people switch the light on when they hear even a tiny noise and check whether there is something dangerous under the bed or in the wardrobe. Light makes us feel safe. It makes sense, because God gave us eyes to see.
If you are afraid at night, you can call someone you know – a brother or a sister or a parent – who will come and make you feel better. You’re no longer alone!
In the Bible, you can also read, “Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day.” (Psalm 91:5).
So be encouraged, Jesus looks after all those who have chosen Him to keep them safe. Jesus is the Light of the World. You can speak to Him quietly or loudly when you are afraid, and God’s Spirit will make you stronger than any fear Not just at night, but during the day as well.