The summer heat rose to more than 30OC according to the thermometer in the garden.

In some countries that would be normal, but in northern France it lasts only a few weeks.  Even so, you want to cool down, and Louis decided to escape into the cool, fresh forest with his young dog, Emily.

They had a bit of a walk in the open sunshine before they managed to get there, and the sun’s rays were beating down:  it was 1 o’clock, the hottest part of the day.

The outing didn’t last long, and Louis had to hurry back home.  He was carrying Emily in his arms.  His dad saw him and asked, “What happened, Louis? But Louis was shouting, “Quickly, Emily isn’t breathing!”

His dad drove as fast as he could to the vet…but the vet could do nothing for Emily.

The poor dog could not cope with the heat and she died.  It was a very sad day for Louis.

But this story does make us want to ask a few questions, like the ones a boy once asked me, “Will I see my little cat again in Heaven?” and, “How long does an animal live”.

Taking the second question first, it depends on the type of animal:

Dog                  15-20 years

Snail                2 to 3 years

Python                  25 years

Whale                  60 years

Parrot                  50 years

Elephant           100 years

Our animals have a life on earth, but God did not create them to live forever.

“So, what about men and women?” asked the boy

“They live for eternity…yes, forever, because God has created us in his own image, to be just like Him.”

“Does that mean we will never die?”

“Yes, in a way, it does.  Let me explain,” I replied, “Jesusdied on the cross, so our sins are forgiven, as it says in the Bible.  All his friends were very sad, as they carried his body to the tomb.  But, three days later, the tomb was empty.  Some reported that they had seen Jesus and that he had been brought back to life, resurrected; others didn’t believe it until Jesus appeared and said, ‘Peace be with you.’ (Gospel of John, 20:21).  What joy:  Jesus really was alive!

Jesus tells us in His Word,“Whoever believes in me has eternal life…”(John 6:47)

Our bodies will disappear, but our spirits live forever with Jesus, just as he promised…and we will have a new sort of body.

Jesus has prepared a place in heaven for all those whose hearts have been purified (washed clean) by His blood which he gave for us on the cross.


Jesus also said, “I was dead, but now I am alive forever.”

Have you ever heard of black holes in space?  They are objects that reflect no light at all, because they are made of material that is packed really tightly.  There have been a number of different scientific studies to try to find out how they work.  We can see black holes because of they are surrounded by bright light.  It’s not so long ago that the first photo was taken of a huge black hole, 53 million kilometres away from earth. 

Some of us might find that interesting, and others might be afraid. What’s happening in a black hole?  It’s good to have some understanding of what is going on in the world and in the space around us? 

But knowing, being sure, that we will live forever with Jesus in a place that He has prepared for those who love Him, gives us a lot of peace and joy in this huge universe He created.

In the Bible, you can read, “Look around you: Everything you see is GOD’s—the heavens above and beyond, the Earth, and everything on it.”Deuteronomy 10:14 (MSG)

Your Friend Joyanna / Emilya