Do you ever watch cartoons?  Which ones do you like best?
You only have to ask a child to give you the title of a cartoon and off they go with a long list of different titles and characters:  Masha and Michka, the adventures of Mickey Mouse, Piscou, Happy Feet, Wallace & Gromit, Cars, Batman, Cédric, Dragon Slayers, Lolirock, Lapins Crétins (Crazy Rabbits), Garfield, Sonic, Dragon Ball Z, Tom Sawyer, Spongebob, Winx Club, Scooby Doo, Ulysses 31…and many, many more.

The first cartoon was shown in a cinema in Paris on Monday, 17 August 1908.  Today, we have them on TV, tablets, smartphones.

Often, when your parents allow it (or even when they don’t!), you might watch cartoons before going to school, and when you get back home before doing your homework.  You say it relaxes you.

With your friends, you re-live some of the adventures of your favourite cartoon heroes.  You also ask for the costumes for your birthday or Christmas, and draw pictures to put up in your bedroom.

The thing that’s so good about cartoons is that they are quite short, and the adventures are always different.

In a lot of cartoons, there are the goodys and the baddys, just like in real life at school and in every country.

But have you ever thought what God thinks about all these characters?  Sometimes, the words they use are not very polite, and the things they do are not very nice.  Some stories show strange characters from other planets.  There’s also magic, wizards, ghosts…

Without realising, you pick up words, attitudes and behaviour – both good and bad, enjoyable and frightening, nice and nasty.

You can also be attracted to characters who don’t behave or speak in a way that pleases God.

The pictures are often fast-moving, and it is as if we are hypnotised.  It’s difficult to turn away from the screen, even for a minute.

On the other hand, there are very good cartoons that show beautiful things and reflect good attitudes.  You need to choose, with your parents and by praying, what to watchAnd you can always change channel, or even switch off the TV/phone!

God’s word says, “God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.” in Matthew 5:8, and in Proverbs 3:31, “Don’t envy violent people or copy their ways.”

Ask God to help you.  You can pray something like, “Lord, I want to please you and to keep my heart pure.  Protect me from looking at the wrong things.  Give me the strength not to look at them anymore.  Thank-you, Lord.”