In a questionnaire, a child wrote that what he found most difficult was waiting and being patient.  It’s a fact that there are things that we find more difficult to do than other people.

For example, when doing homework, you might find the answer and in a few minutes it’s all done. Yipee!  But the boy or girl who isn’t able to do it gets discouraged.  Even when they phone a friend, sometimes all they hear is, “Oh, it was too easy!  What? You didn’t get it?”  That’s why sometimes we feel stupid when we don’t know or don’t understand something.

So, let’s get away from it all and escape to the mountains with fresh, powdery snow.  The skiers glide over the snow on the sunny slopes, completely relaxed.  One day, I saw a young woman struggling to walk in the snow with the skis over her shoulder.  Next, she had to fix the skis to her boots, and finally, off she went.

Her short trip ended with her falling against the wall of a small cabin after only a few metres.  The young woman found it difficult to stand up again.

“Come on, get back up there,” her friends shouted at her.  Once, twice, a third time…but each time she fell against the cabin.  It was very discouraging.  In the end, she took off her skis and left in a state of anger.

In the Bible, in Acts chapter 16, verses 24 to 26, we read about Paul and Silas in prison because they have been talking to others about Jesus.  The jailer put them deep inside the prison so that they could not escape.  He even fastened their feet between two wooden blocks.  Not very comfortable at all!

At that time, if a prisoner escaped, jailers had to suffer the punishment instead of the one who had escaped, so they were very careful not to let it happen.

During the night, the two prisoners were singing praises to God and prayed, and everyone else could hear them.  Suddenly, the ground started to tremble, and the prison gates flew open.  Just imagine: they were free!

What seemed impossible to Paul and Silas, was made possible by God.

In the book of 1 Kings, chapter 18, verses 34 to 39, the prophet Elijah proves that nothing can stop God’s power.  He poured 12 jugs of water over the wood on an altar which he had built to make a sacrifice.

In front of the false prophets who worshipped idols (fake Gods), it became obvious very quickly just who was God.

Elijah prayed and God’s fire came down from heaven.  The water did not stop the sacrifice from being burned up.  Damp wood is not a problem for our all-powerful God.

In another book of the Bible, we read, “…Nothing is too hard for you.“  Jeremiah 32:17 


We cannot be successful at everythingThat’s normalBut we have a God for whom nothing is impossibleGod will help us somehow, if we ask for his help…and if we are prepared to make some effort as well.

With God on your side, you can become patient, you can forgive and ask for forgiveness, make peace, love others, and succeed in the things you most desire.  You will be encouraged when you see God helping you with the things you find most difficult.

Your friend, JoyannaMarion