You have no doubt heard of people who say that God does not exist because no-one has ever seen him. It’s a bit of a silly argument really.
Our eyes cannot see everything. But with a telescope, we can look at more details of distant planets. With a microscope, we can see very small microbes.
The very large and the very small can now be seen, but not everything is visible for us.
Can we see God? Well, no, not with our eyes.
The Bible tells us that a man by the name of Job once said to God, “I had only heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.”Job 42:5 (NLTse)
How did Job manage to see God? By looking at God’s creation: light, the power of the sea and the oceans, wind, and the different kinds of animals.
God spoke into Job’s heart, “Where were you when I created the Earth, the Heaven, the seas? Since you were born, have you ever told the morning to arrive? Do you tell the stars what to do?”
At the moment, there is a lot of talk about respecting nature and the environment, but we often forget that it is God who created it.
No doubt you know a little bit about Jesus already. Philippe, one of his friends, said, Jesus, show us God, the Father.” Jesus replied, “Look at me, Philippe. You have been with me a long time, and you say that you have never seen God, my Father? Whoever has seen me has seen my Father.”

Wow! It means that Jesus shows us what our Father in Heaven is like.
Thomas, another of Jesus’ disciples, did not believe that Jesus had really come back from the dead.

Jesus appeared in the room where Thomas was with the other disciples, and there he saw the marks of the nails in Jesus’ hands. Then, he fell to his knees in front of Jesus and said, “My Lord and my God.”
Jesus replied, “Because you have seen me, you have believed. Happy are those who have not seen but have believed anyway.”
It’s true, no-one can see God because God is a spirit. But by getting to know Jesus better every day, by reading and listening to God’s Word, and by praying, one day our eyes will see His glory.
The throne of God and the Lamb (Jesus) will be in the city (New Jerusalem) and Jesus’s servants will see Him and serve Him there, face to face. It says so in the last book of the Bible, Revelation 22:3
Your Friend, JoyannaFrancine