A team from AME France was in Burkina Faso in January.


February 2020
February may mean fewer days on the calendar, but God’s presence is still here to reassure us of his night & day care.
In some countries, there is unrest, demonstrations, strikes, and attacks on churches. But Jesus is still the great conqueror.
Jesus said, “… Have courage, I have conquered the world.”(John 16:33).
Jesus is our role model. He is the great conqueror. Anyone who wins at sport is a conqueror…for a short time. Jesus is the conqueror forever. Forever and ever!


March & April 2020
– Both these months are important to Christians. Here are a couple of questions as a clue to why:
• On which animal did Jesus ride into Jerusalem? (Mark 11:7)
• What was the hill called where Jesus was nailed to a cross between two thieves? (Mark 15:22)..put the letters in the right order: hoa tgl go.
– Some news from the Refuge House at Bangui, Central Africa:

The children now have tiled floors in three of the rooms. They enjoy reading in the library on car seats, on mats or on benches. With Mariette, Deborah and other adults, they learn how to get to know Jesus more, and talk to him as a true friend.
Do you talk to Jesus? Do you pray?

The great festival that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus is known as Easter.

*Connect the words for Easter below with the country they come from:

Pessah       Paste       Easter       Påsk        Пасха        Pascoa        Ostern       Великден


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