In some countries, October sees the long-awaited return to school. In others, classes started as long ago as the beginning of September. In New Caledonia, the summer holidays will start on 14 December… It is in the Southern Hemisphere, so the seasons are the opposite way round.

– At the end of October and beginning of November, Alain and Edwina will be in the Central African Republic to meet with a lot of children, especially ones from the Maison Refuge at Bangui

The Lord is certainly helping the pupils and students there to learn. There are so many new things to discover. And it is important not to forget getting to know Jesus better each day.



One subject of particular interest to children currently is the problem of climate change. It is quite common to hear people say, “There’s no difference between the seasons any more. The Earth is out of control: floods, storms, droughts.” One young, Swedish girl, sixteen years old, has become the spokesperson for the world’s young people who want to save planet Earth.

It’s a real problem! But is our heart with Jesus?



December brings Christmas. It is the month chosen by Christians to remember that Jesus came to Earth as a baby, a child just like any other human being, created in the image of God. That night, angels announced the coming of our Saviour, Jesus.

You too can be like one of those angelspass on the same good news to everyone around you.