Seasons change.  And we change too! But the Bible says, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). 

UNBELIEVABLE isn’t it!  It’s because He is God.  He is ! We carry on growing, pleasing God and the people around us ! 

We are becoming like Him, because we have received His life in our hearts.  One day soon, Jesus will come back and we will be totally changed, as quickly as a flash of lightning. 

We will be like Him !


All children like parties.  They are joyful and you can meet friends there, eat nice food. There is singing and sometimes even dancing. 

– Every November, in some countries, there are Halloween parties, where people celebrate evil spirits and sorcerers.  People decorate their homes with pumpkins and skeletons.  It is a festival that does not honour God!

Each December 25th, it is Christmas.  The shepherds were with their flocks of sheep and they saw hundreds of angels, and one of them said, “I bring you Good News, the Saviour is born, and He is Christ, the Lord.”

This is a truly joyful festival.  Jesus came to earth to look for and save those who believe in Him.  Yes, God is love !


“But I keep praying to you, Lord…” Psalm 69:13

 * For the Republic of Central Africa, where there is serious violence against those who love Jesus.

* For those countries of Asia where it is forbidden to talk about Jesus.

* For our own families