October & November

There are some important dates in the year, such as the National Day in Austria, Germany, China, Fiji, Greece, Zambia, and Spain. In October and November, Surinam, Poland, Panama, Mauritania, Morocco, and Lebanon all celebrate their special days.

You might not even recognise some of these countries, but God knows them.  In the Bible, it is written, ‘Oh, Lord… All the nations belong to you.’ Psalm 82:8

There are also birthdays, sporting events and days when you will come together as a family or spend time with friends who know and love Jesus.  There will be special times when we spend time with Godwho created the Heavens and all the planets – and who knows us and sees us, even when we try to hide.

There are also some festivals that God doesn’t like. It is a pity, because these festivals do not give us real joy, or the real peace that comes from God.



December is the month that is just as important for children as the start of the long summer holidays. December means Christmas.

 We often think about Christmas and snow… At least in countries like Sweden, Norway, Russia, or Canada where they always have snow at Christmas.

On December 25th, there is quite often sunshine, though, in Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, Laos, Cameroon and many other countries.

Christmas is a festival for children, and for those who know in their hearts that Jesus came to Earth, to Bethlehem in Israel, more than 2000 years ago, to be the most wonderful gift that God could give them: His only son, the only onewho can put true love and real freedom in our hearts.

Jesus came to look for and to save whoever is lost!