This photo is fantastic.  It shows the joy of children, school-children, leaving school on the last day of classes.  Tomorrow is the start of the summer holidays!

Holidays are a time when we stop doing the things we normally do.  They aren’t the same in all countries, nor at the same time.

Nor are the things people do on holiday the same.

In the United States, I know young people who run week-long camps for children between the ages of 5 and 12.  The children play, have adventures, sing to God and hear about God from His Word.  They are all happy, either because they serve God, or because they are all together in Jesus’ presence.

And it’s not just in America.  Christian camps are going on in European countries such as Switzerland, France, Bulgaria and Romania, and in several African countries like Madagascar, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso.

Children’s Ministry OutreachAction Missionaire Enfants (AME) will be in Benin this yearSuper!

Some children will not be able to go to camps because of the things happening in their country, or in their family, or because of illness.  But God is with them too, to make them as happy as possible, in spite of everything.


Back to School

Let’s think again about that photo of the children with their school bags.  It could have been taken on the first day back at school.

The Bible says, “There is a time for everything.”

Children are happy because it’s holiday time, and many of them are also happy when they go back to school, because it means they can be with their friends again.  But some might be a bit worried at the start of a new school year.  That’s normal.

We just need to remind ourselves about Jesus’ promise, “I am with you every day.”

Jesus is with you on holiday, at school, always!