April – May 2018


Boys often like playing war games in the streets or on their computer screensexcept, of course, the ones who live in a country that is at war.

In many countries, war is waged with the tongue:  children whose skin is a different colour or come from a different country have insults thrown at them or get hit, and are left out of games and other activities.

God is LOVE and He wants PEACE.

That’s why Jesus came to earth, in Israel, so that there might be real peace between God and every man, woman and child who accepts God’s forgiveness through Jesus.

In countries where it is not forbidden to talk about Jesus, there are a number of celebrations coming up:

* Easter lasts for 3 days and reminds us that Jesus was crucified for our sins and was raised from the dead three days later.

In Romania, people greet one another with the words, “He is risen” and reply, “He is risen indeed!”

* The Ascension celebrates the fact that Jesus went to Heaven 40 days after being raised from the dead by his father. His friends saw it with their own eyes!

* Pentecost. Jesus promised his friends that they would be filled with God’s Spirit.  And it happened 10 days after his ascension, in Jerusalem.

You can receive God’s peace, in your heart, even if there is war all around.



June is generally the last month before the summer holidays.  It’s also the month when children and young people have exams at schoolLet’s remember to pray for each one of them.

But take care to do some serious work.  Saying of the month:  WORK and PRAY!