– Not all calendars start with the same “year 0”, and not even in the same month. The word October (from the Latin octo, meaning eight) was the 8th month of the old Roman calendar.
In our Christian calendar, the first month is January and October is the 10th month
The festival of Halloween is celebrated on 31 October in many western countries. People usually dress up in different costumes…usually ones that frighten others.  What a shame! 
Children go from door-to-door asking for sweets…but it’s also a night for thinking about the kingdom of darkness.  Jesus’ friends prefer to celebrate light instead.
In Israel, the festival of Succoth is a reminder of the distant past when God’s people lived for 40 years in tents, wandering around the desert.
These days, each family builds a little shelter outside their house to remember what it was like then.



– In the Ukraine and the Czech Republic, November is called Листопад,(listopad), the month when the leaves fall off the trees.

– In Finland, November is known as marraskuu, the month of short, grey days.
– In the USA (America) since 1863, the 4th Thursday of November is Thanksgiving, a festival for thanking God for the good things in life during the previous year.
Thanksgiving is celebrated at home with your family, a large, traditional, turkey dinner and lots of fun.
The Children’s Ministry Outreach (AME) calendar will be sent to several countries around the world.
From the 3rd to the 17th November, Alan and Edwina will be in Bangui in the Central African Republic. They will meet with children, the team from the Maison Refuge, and with the churches.


يسَمْبَرْ [dîsambar] in Arabic. You need to read it from right to left.
* There are two major events in December:
The feast of Saint Nicholas takes place in some countries on the 6th of the month. Nicholas was a Christian leader in the 4th century in Myra which is now in southern Turkey.  He used to give out sweets and toys to all the good children.

– On 24th and 25th we celebrate Christmas: the light shines in the darkness, good news, Jesus!
Christmas is not just about decorated trees, it is about Jesus coming to us.  A child is born to us, a saviour is given to us.  The one who was promised. Happy Christmas! _________________________________________________________________