It was the third time that Edwina had been to the Central African Republic with me (Alain).
We were very pleased to find that our luggage had arrived at Bangui airport – it doesn’t always happen that way!
The United Nations armed forces are still there, keeping the peace.
We soon found ourselves once again in the Refuge House in one of the more dangerous areas. God protected us. Adults and children alike, often very distressed, nevertheless welcomed us with joy, singing and prayers.
Pastor Maurice also had a few surprises for us: a little bridge in front of the new iron gate, a wooden slide, and a straw hut in the courtyard. Fantastic!
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Very quickly, Edwina and I helped to bring the rooms back into some kind of order, as there had been quite a bit of damage during the year.
The children were happy to discover the new games, dolls, library books and school materials.
We were faced with heavy rain which flooded part of the Refuge House’s courtyard and caused several leaks through the roof…but they were quickly repaired.
One Saturday, we were able to train members of a church who communicate God’s Word to children and, with Alan, Edwina taught in the Faculty of Theology for the first time.
God loves children and children love Jesus.
Finally, on the last Sunday, Pastor Maurice took us into the equatorial forest to share God’s Word in a church belonging to the Bethanie Mission...and there we got to meet some of the Pygmy people.
Bye for now, childrenuntil the next time.
We continue to pray for all the children and the churches, for Pastor Maurice, and for his team.