This year, Emilia came with us to Madagascar. She wanted to learn more about the children in the north of Madagascar…and the lemurs. She even got to see some shark’s teeth. Impressive!
We quite often travelled around in a tuc-tuc. It’s great…when it doesn’t rain.
We met up with Roger, Hanta and Emma with whom we have got to know lots of children on the island since 1996.
This year, two young women, Nafisa and Paprika joined us in talking to the children about the person who is our only Saviour, Jesus.

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In the building belonging to the evangelical church “Rhéma – Ambassadors for Christ”, we all made visual aids of Bible stories and verses so that the children could better understand just how much God loves them and wants them to be with Him forever.
For some of the children, it was the first time they had seen foreigners from Europe.
We visited the Emerald Sea with Pastor Joseph: the water is clear and green, and we were soaked through by the waves.
Emiliya jumped for joy when she saw the baobab trees and a little lemur called Willy who has been tamed by the children.
Before catching the flight home, God led us to a church in Ivato. Together, we worshipped the Lord. It was marvellous!
So, are you ready to come with us on our next mission? Let’s go! One last selfie!