On this occasion, Loïc came with me to meet the children and adults.

Our brothers in Christ – Constantin and several other leaders from the churches and schools – welcomed us to take part in a well-organised programme.  We even had a banner proclaiming Children’s Missionary Outreach hanging up at each of our meetings.

We were surprised by the large number of Muslim families, which make up 60% of the country’s population.

We shared God’s Word and sang in Jesus’s name the way, the truth, and the life – with around 2,000 children.  Glory to God whose desire is that all should be saved.

In one village, we were given two chickens as a thank-you.  Praise be to our great God!

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During our visit to the Children First Centre at Tintilou, we met up again with Pastor Ilboudo and the children & women from the orphanage who look after the younger children.  The older children were given vests and a ball that Loïc had been looking after all the way from France.

We also met those who communicate the gospel to children, and the teachers who look forward to seeing us for theoretical and practical training.  Amazing!

On the road back to Ouagadougou, we had a brief encounter with…a crocodile!  I let Loïc go ahead of me…

For the second part of our mission, we entrusted our suitcases to the roof-rack of a bush-taxi and went back to be with Boulsa and Pastor Elisée Bonkoungou.

It was 40oC (104oF) and the ground had to be prepared for farming.  What a difficult task before the rains arrive!

The children went to draw water and, in the evening, by the light of the lamps from the church, some did their homework.  During the day, we met with them in their classrooms in a number of villages.

We visited Christiane and Jeremy in the children’s ghetto. So obedient to the call of God, and a beautiful initiative.

A big thank-you must go to the wives of our brothers in Christ – Constantin and Elisée – who kept us healthy and well while we were there.

We have stayed in contact with several of the leaders including Pastor John Firmin God will guide us where we go next.