2017 saw the start of the project to build a refuge house at Bangui in the Central African Republic, to welcome children who have suffered – and are still suffering – from the war in their country.

In April 2017, Edwina and Alain went to help Pastor Maurice from the Bethany Centre and others who look after the children.

In November 2018, we went back again, to make further improvements to the conditions for the children who are so important to God’s heart.

In our luggage we had books, school materials, games and dolls.

While Alain was taking part in a meeting over three afternoons with around 80 students from the Faculty of Theology of Bangui (FATEB), Edwina started to set-up a library, as well as leading games outside.  She got involved in mixing sand and cement and using a hammer, a saw and a trowel.  A course made from car tyres and two swings brought joy to both young and old.

A breakdown in the water supply allowed us to experience the kindness of several people who went to fill their buckets at the well or the pump.

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We spent several mornings in theoretical and practical training of the people who look after the children, not forgetting to have a good time together as well.

There were times “In the company of Jesus” which allowed us to share the Word of God.  Everyone listened and took apart.  How good it is to be in the Lord’s presence!  He repairs the broken hearts, consoles us and gives true joy.  A small room, in one corner of the courtyard, was converted into a place where people could talk one-to-one with the children, and pray.

We were also able to go with Michel to meet children in an orphanage, where games, songs, God’s Word and prayer were followed by a meal and the exchange of small gifts.

We brought God’s Word to children in a primary school and a college, thanks to Christopher and Joel.

We continue to hold these children and these Christians in our prayers. 

Bye for now…see you soon, hopefully.