It had been seven years since we were last in Benin, but 2018 was in line with God’s timing.

Francine, Claudia and I (Alain) had the great privilege of meeting up again with the leaders of AME, Togo Branch who came together with the Benin team during our visit.

Prosper and his co-workers organised the meeting with us over the Internet, and it was all very well planned.

We met two pastors in Cotonou that we are keen to stay in contact with for future missions to Benin.
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In Azové, we set up training for Gospel Communicators who work with children. We were able to share God’s Word with pastors of several churches, as well as with the women’s group that meets each month.  We even met with children who get together under the trees.

During her first mission to Africa, Claudia discovered that you can iron clothes without electricity, and that the children are perfectly capable of making toys from recycled materials. We gave them a small football along with games made from elastic. There were a lot of smiles.

The Bible Camp was in full-swing, with up to 500 children. The Word of God and prayer allowed them to break free from the things that were breaking their hearts. During the camp, it was as if the children were little birds who had escaped from a net in which they had been captured.

At the final celebration, each church group performed a song or danced, until a huge thunderstorm meant we had to take shelter. But after the rain, the celebrations continued with no further interruptions, which just goes to show how you can adapt easily to events outside your control.

By the end of our visit, adults and children alike were able to more boldly speak out the truth that the Lord is God, that there is no other god, and that His eyes are on His children in Jesus.