The Kids’ Mission calendar has been translated into English and Telugu, two of the official languages of India.  The children can read Bible verses in their own language with the support of Manna Ministries, headed by pastor Ernest Komanopalli.

Francine, Alain, Willy, Anne, Audrey, Céline and Isabelle were so happy to meet the children, women and men from different backgrounds, living in this huge country that is also a sub-continent of more than 1 billion inhabitants. 

With Madurah and Hepsibah – two young women from the Bible Institute of Hyderabadwe talked about Jesus, the only son of God.

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We also travelled by train to meet children in other villages such as Visakhapatnam in the state of Andhra Pradesh, now known as Telangana.

The Hindu temples are everywhere, as witness to the oldest religion in the world and its thousands of gods.

In a children’s home that looks after poor children and orphans, our team from France, Belgium and Luxembourg decorated the walls with drawings and pictures of stories from the Bible.

Afterwards, we prayed, sang and listened to God’s Word with the children in the various churches.

What a joy it is to know that the Good News of Jesus is for everyone, big or small, in every country!