The Grow-Up! team organised a day entitled “With Jesus as a family” with families coming from several different churches in Luxembourg.

The Portuguese CCR church made us all very welcome in their church building in Steinsel.  We were just a bit afraid that the rain might spoil our fun, but it didn’t arrive until the afternoon.

After a time of praising the Lord with a number of songs, and listening to His Word (the Bible), we went off to the inter-sports park to play games.  It was wonderful!

Marisa explained the rules of the game and gave each team (family) the secret message.  Each family – parents and children – rushed around to the different game stations where the various challenges were waiting for them.  Everyone was in a good mood, even the sunshine:  thank-you, Lord!

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After lunch together, we had another game, indoors this time: ‘A cardboard race’, led by Jöel.  Each square on the board led to questions scattered around the room.  So, first, the families had to find the question, and then answer it correctly!

The children got into it just as much as the parents Brilliant!

Some of the questions meant the family had to complete a task, such as building the highest possible tower in 30 seconds, or eating a biscuit from a plate without using their hands!

At the end of the afternoon, the children got the opportunity to once again hear the Word of God, while the parents met in another room, also to share the Word and to pray.

And finally, everyone came together one last time “In Jesus’ presence as a family”.  We left happy that we had been together with our God of love and king of kings watching over us.

Thank-you to everyone, both organisers and participants.  And thank-you, Lord, for being with us!