cal 2013- Nono Souris-en lisant la bible- couleur

In Australia, a boy had a pig for a friend. But there was a problem. His parents
didn’t want him to invite the pig to their home! That’s normal, right? This pig
was often dirty and smelly!
It is true, however, that it is important to have a friend. We can play together, go
for walks together, share great adventures and invite each other home. We can
also share secrets.
In the Bible, in 1 Samuel, chapters 19 and 20, God speaks of two friends, David
and Jonathan.
David had brothers but having a brother is not always the same as having a
friend. Jonathan was the son of Saul, King of Israel.
Normally, it would be him who would become king after the death of his father.
But God chose David to be the future king!
Jonathan could have been jealous and hated David. He could have seen him as
an enemy to get rid of. But no! David was his friend. And he proved it.
King Saul, who didn’t submit himself to God, wanted to have David killed. One
day, he even threw his spear at David, who, fast as lightening, managed to
Jonathan always defended his friend, even though that greatly displeased his
father, the king.
David was forced to flee in the night!
Jonathan talked again with his father, but Saul still wanted to kill David.
So, David decided to go into hiding in the desert, but before he did, the two
friends again made an alliance, saying:
The Lord will always be between me and you, and between our children. We
will always be friends, no matter what!
For many months, King Saul sent soldiers to seek David, but God protected him.
One day, David could have killed Saul at the back of a cave, but David did not
want revenge. He preferred to let God act.
Jonathan died in battle against the enemies of Israel, as did Saul, and it was
David who became king, as God had decided.
Have you got a friend ? Take care to choose friends well! Do not be led into doing
things which displease God.
Choose friends who also love the Lord and obey His Word.
Yes, a true friend loves at all times.
Jesus is your friend, your best friend. He will never leave you. He will always be
there to help you, to listen to you, to talk to you and to comfort you. He is in
heaven now, but he has sent the Holy Spirit, also to you!