This Jesus... will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven. Acts 1 :11

ACTUS News – October, November, December 2020

In almost every country at this moment there is a problem with people’s health because of the Corona virus (Covid-19).
A virus is a very tiny organism, known as a micro-organism because it is one ten-thousandth of a millimetre in size. It develops inside our body’s cells and causes illness. Someone who is infected with a virus can often pass it on to others and this becomes an epidemic.
Flu (influenza), for example, is the result of a virus. Fortunately, scientists have discovered medicines to cure it and vaccines to prevent people from catching it at all.
Good personal hygiene that includes washing our hands (e.g. after using the toilet), not getting too close to people who are sick, and looking after our bodies are all good ways to avoid becoming ill.
There are also viruses that affect only animals, and others that infect only plants.
8,000 AME 2021 calendars – designed to help children to get to know Jesus more deeply – have been sent to a number of countries in Europe and Africa, as well as to Madagascar and India. This is the 26th year that we have produced such a calendar, and we would like to say a big THANK-YOU to all the teams who produce it, translate it into Telugu (a major language in India), English and Malgache (the national language of Madagascar), and distribute it to all the children.
Alan and other AME team members will be in Benin (West Africa) from 6 to 17 November 2020. Let us all pray for a safe and virus-free trip.
In early 2021, our website will be redeveloped and updated to allow you to more easily know and love God’s Word. We will also give you the ability to leave comments and suggestion. In the meantime, thank-you for continuing to visit our web-pages.


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