This Jesus... will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven. Acts 1 :11

Latest News – July, August, September 2019

July / August

 We are just back from Madagascar. Take a look under the heading ‘On a Mission with us’ for more information. This time, unlike in 2012, there were no issues with Alain’s heart. What a joy it was to be with Emma, Roger and Hanta again. The ‘Save the Street Children’ teams are doing some excellent work in Toamasina, Antsiranana, Fianarantsoa, Mahajanga and Toliara. Have a look on a map to see where these places are!

We will start to put together the AME calendar for 2020. Elfriede has finished the drawings. The next step is to write the Bible texts for each month.

In July and August, a lot of people will be away on holiday… But not everyone. Let’s remember that our Lord Jesus doesn’t take holidays. He is constantly praying for us. Why not join in by praying for your family and friends? God already knows who they are.



We are planning our next missionary trip to Central African Republic where armed groups continue to kill, steal and destroy!

Nevertheless, the Refuge House at Bangui is still welcoming children. Edwina and Alain will meet the children, and with help from Mariette, Rebecca, Floriana and the rest of the team, make sure they are under God’s protection. It is God who is the true refuge as we can see in Psalm 46:1, “God is a safe place to hide, ready to help when we need him.” (The Message Bible)



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